Are you a woman of integrity, working hard doing all the things to the best of your ability?


Sometimes it gets too much, and you find yourself lost and invisible in a super busy world. 


Many of the magnificent ladies that I  work with felt the same before they started working with me. 


It is a typical experience but not one that should be accepted and suffered. 


If you are exhausted chasing your tail, being filled with guilt, self-doubt and lack confidence in some area of your life and want to take back control.


You will love the BRAVE Transformation Programme.


 I know you will have tried and researched many things.


Unfortunately, you will have learned that knowledge in itself will not give you the results you want. 


Clearly understanding what is really going on below the surface will help you join the dots in your unique situation.


When you see the true picture, you will identify the strategies that will work for you and what order they should be applied. 


 Applying simple and proven strategies that will work for you will:


1.Give you back your life.


2. Give you the confidence to make the choices you want.


3. Give you a robust sense of resilience that will take you into your next chapter. 


4. Give you the ability to be assertive with ease in your communication. 


5. Help you to problem solve quickly and effectively when faced with challenges.


6.Give you hope, a vision for the future and a game plan to take you there.


Say goodbye to chaos, exhaustion and guilt and rise to live your BRAVE life. 


A personal transformation like this improves your:


Work performance.


Job prospects or business opportunities.


Family dynamics and parenting skills.


Ability to develop and maintain quality relationships.


Ability to communicate effectively in all situations.


It improves your overall sense of wellbeing, confidence and outlook on life. 


The BRAVE Transformation Coaching Programme 

8 x Digital Modules 

Videos and workbook tasks to be completed at a time that suits you.

12 X Live Group Coaching Sessions. 

Ask questions.

Discuss frustrations.

Get help.

Tweak your new strategies for better outcomes.


I am dedicated to serving you in a real transformation process that creates sustainable outcomes for you and everyone else in your life. 


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8  Digital Modules

Each module is a series of bite sized videos with some homework to do. They can be watched in your own time and completed at your own pace.


One2one Coaching

As part of the programme you will have the opportunity to have 2 x one2one coaching sessions to ensure you overcome any obstacles and achieve the alignment, confidence, motivation and strategy that woks for you.  This is a tailored approach. 

Group Coaching & Community

Within the programme you will have the opportunity to be part of a small community of like minded people and be able to take part in 12 group coaching sessions . 

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I’m a wife, a mum to three girls and have been running my own business for 16 years, with a background in social care. community development, leadership and management. 

I am passionate about enabling everyone in my online community to have the balance, success, and fulfilment they desire and deserve. 

My wealth of experience and track record of satisfied clients gives me the relentless motivation to supply them with the support they need to see progress in their lives.

No matter how you find yourself circling in the beginning, I see it as a partnership.

 I draw alongside until you have established your new path and are on course to achieving it.

Then it becomes a journey of enjoyment, constant progression, empowerment and confidence.

I'm ready for balance success & fulfilment


  • You currently feel that your focus has faded, and your frustration is rising. 
  • You are ready to stop during the madness and take time to get the clarity you need to start being productive again. 
  • You are ready to commit to yourself and make a conscious effort to work towards your goals with effective support and accountability.



  • You are content in your current situation. 
  • You are going to continue to allow your foggy vision to reduce your opportunity to focus and achieve. 
  • You are unwilling to learn and be honest with yourself to discover the focus and motivation you want.
  • You do not desire to be and do better. 
I'm ready!



How would it feel to:

  • Wake up each day with a clear focus?
  • Be motivated and intentional about everything you do?
  • Be working effectively and productively towards the success and fulfilment you desire?
  • Know you have one2one professional coaching and support over the next 6 months?
  • Know that your efforts will not be in vain and that the changes you make will benefit you and everyone close to you?
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From success, confusion & a whirlwind of tasks & ideas


balance, success and fulfillment.