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Shirley Penney is a Motivational Speaker, Therapist, Coach and Trainer who has a wealth of experience in Coaching and Training work for over 20 years.
She is well known for her genuine dedication to her clients and for her sunny personality with a sound grounding and practical, methodical approach to challenges.
She inspires and motivates everyone she meets to aspire to greater things, and supports and encourages them on their path to success.

The rollercoaster of caring!

I started my career at age 17 as well as studying part-time. I always had an overwhelming passion to support people and a curious nature which made me seek to understand why people did what they do. Caring was highly emotional and I invested in people and tried to fix them in the early days!


Fixer to Facilitator

What a realisation! Fixing could not be done and it cost me too much energy! Then the Penny dropped. Any kind of recovery or change was only the responsibility of the individual, they are responsible for finding their own solutions and for taking action. When this happened I was released, released from daily concern, released from emotional ties. If they themselves were fully responsible for their journey my only job was to befriend, accept, encourage and facilitate the process of change. This was so liberating and now I could help many people.


Discovering there was more unlocked the door to private practice

I had gathered a lot of experience but knowing how I had dissolved traumatic dreams as a child I knew there was more to understand about our thinking and how we could change things with our thoughts. Then I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming, understanding the processes of how the mind operates and tell-tale signs of belief systems just unlocked a whole new world.

Now ten years down the line I have accomplished many things, faced many challenges both in business and personally. However, one  thing remains: my desire to offer hope,  acceptance, and enable all who come to me to live well and enjoy their lives.


Uncomfortable Transition

In the recovery period after having had melanoma in the nail bed of my thumb and a turbulent 3 years of waiting, surgery and skin grafts and other life changing events, I have come to the place where a childhood dream is coming to fruition. Bringing the online services to you here is part of it. It has been a major challenge and I have had to overcome many fears and I am still learning! But to be able to spark something special in someone’s mind and heart by using technology is just awesome!

To think that my dream as a young child could possibly come to life through technology that didn’t exist back then is mind blowing!

I have a dream, I have weathered life and still held it in my heart, and so the passion to ignite a fire in people’s hearts and lives continues! You are welcome to become part of the dream

All the best,



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