Creating balance in life can feel like an impossible juggling act. Success, quality relationships, health, and fulfilment is what we long for. 

Often we experience exhaustion, chaotic action and lack of confidence. 

The ladies in leadership that I work with juggle so many different roles in one day.

They have great success in one area of their lives but lack confidence underneath the success and are stressed about the other areas of their lives. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 


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Jumbled Mess to Warrior Princess

Although we are capable of many things, we often find ourselves in a life of submission to many tasks.

This Free PDF, will help you understand the 5 steps of transformation from jumbled mess warrior princess. 

Includes workbook element too. 

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Homeschooling Tips to Help Ladies in Leadership Get Their Work Done in 2021

Whatever success we have had in life, we are today presented with struggles that we have never known before. 

Included in this FREE PDF are tips on how to manage the homeschooling for every age group. 

I speak from experience as I have worked from home bringing up my children for many years, and over the past year, we are all working from home with great success. 

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Is a lack of confidence and self-doubt preventing you from achieving all that you desire? 

Dissolve that negative self-image and inner dialogue, move into a brave transformation and take your life on with renewed confidence, clarity, motivation and purpose. 

My tried, tested and proven methodology within my 12-week coaching programme enables you to recover, transform and transition into the women you have had trapped inside. 

This is the coaching programme for you if you are interested in personal development if you have had enough information and really want to join the dots and make a genuine transformation. It will take action and persistence, and with my help and with the support of the other students, you will have your transformation. 

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Transformational Coaching Programme         (6 months) 

If you have struggled for a long time with a lack of confidence and challenging circumstances and you have had enough, then this is the coaching programme for you. 

This 12-week coaching programme will bring you to tangible inner confidence, clarity on what you want in each area of your life and a strategy to achieve it. 

You have probably indulged in podcasts and self -help books and gained knowledge, but this coaching programme has been tried, tested and proven to help you have the realisations you need and helps you to join the dots in your personal life so that you may once and for all step into the world fully you, unashamed, free of guilt, full of confidence with the ability to speak up, parent well, build quality relationships and be at ease with yourself in social situations. 

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Excell In Leadership, Business & Life

You are already successful in key areas of your life, you know you are capable of more, and you have been considering or have made a big transition. 

You value personal development, and you know that you can do anything you put your mind to. This time you know that more is required of you. 

You want to become masterful in your skills, get clarity, make the decisions and step out with the wind beneath your wings knowing that you have the support to keep you motivated when it's difficult and someone to sharpen your thinking and heighten your emotional intelligence as you rise. 

This Coaching Programme is for you if you are at the point where you want to make a real difference and flourish into the best version of yourself, to achieve your ultimate vision or goal. 

Commitment, persistence, vulnerability, learning and success are all part of this process, and if you don't accept anything less than success, then let's talk. 

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This is the monthly package for you if you are ready to rise consistently. Each month you will have direct access to me in our Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A Session. 

You will be part of a growing community where we are supportive of one anothers growth.

Weekly goal setting, accountability and celebration of achievements is what we are good at. 

If you have the desire to RISE and want to get out of your chaotic cycle into a more productive way forward. This is valuable and effective way to get started. 


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Kerry Miles

"I was in a situation I couldn't see a way out of.

Shirley really helped me to find the answer for myself.

Shirley has a beautiful way about her and gave me back control."

Claire Moore

"Before I let myself spiral into panic mode which was always my ‘go to’ reaction when faced with a potentially confronting or difficult situation. I’m calmer now and tend to think more rationally than before."

Kate McKay

"A first-class trainer who actually cares."

"When I heard Shirley speaking at events, I was impressed with her engaging style of delivery and innovative ideas to motivate people.

She has an excellent delivery style, great depth of knowledge and experience and superb interaction with the participants both virtually and in person.

A first-class trainer who is one of the most lively and energetic and
someone who actually cares about the people in the room and wants to help them improve and develop.

From Shirley's training, you will get first-class advice, guidance and a 'friend' for life who will be there to help you at any stage.


Rachel Archibald

"The best thing about working with Shirley is the calming effect - straightening out the jumbled mess of spaghetti junction in my mind and helping me to focus on one thing at a time."

Every lady has great power and potential within. 


You don't have to be perfect to join us, we are real and honest and believe that every one of us is a leader.

We lead by example everywhere we go. If you want to change your world, it all starts with you!

Become the example. Be restored, be transformed, and transition into a confident, influential lady.

Come as you are. 

You are welcome!

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