Creating balance in life can feel like an impossible juggling act. Success, quality relationships, health, and fulfilment is what we long for. 

Often we experience exhaustion, chaotic action and lack of confidence. 

The ladies in leadership that I work with juggle so many different roles in one day.

They have great success in one area of their lives but lack confidence underneath the success and are stressed about the other areas of their lives. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 


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Overwhelm to Winning

One2one 30day Coaching Package

Are you in a place where you have had enough? 

Your resilience is low; you are exhausted but ready to use the energy you have left to get serious about:

Turning chaos into calm

Managing your thoughts

Getting clear on your way forward


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Focus & Achieve

One2one 30day Coaching Package

You have plans and the ability but don't seem to be making progress. You are fed up going in circles and feeling resistance to your success.  Accelerate your progress by:

Gaining laser-sharp focus

Discovering sustainable motivation

Developing a clear strategy


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Jumbled Mess to Warrior Princess

Although we are capable of many things, we often find ourselves in a life of submission to many tasks.

This Free PDF, will help you understand the 5 steps of transformation from jumbled mess warrior princess. 

Includes workbook element too. 

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Homeschooling Tips to Help Ladies in Leadership Get Their Work Done in 2021

Whatever success we have had in life, we are today presented with struggles that we have never known before. 

Included in this FREE PDF are tips on how to manage the homeschooling for every age group. 

I speak from experience as I have worked from home bringing up my children for many years, and over the past year, we are all working from home with great success. 

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Transformational Coaching Programme 


Are you a woman of integrity, working hard and bringing up your children to the best of your ability?


Sometimes it gets too much, and you find yourself lost and invisible in a super busy world. 


Many of the magnificent ladies that I  work with felt the same before they started working with me. 


It is a typical experience but not one that should be accepted and suffered. 


If you are exhausted chasing your tail, being filled with guilt, self-doubt and lack confidence in some area of your life and want to take back control.


You will love the BRAVE Transformation Programme.


 I know you will have tried and researched many things.


Unfortunately, you will have learned that knowledge in itself will not give you the results you want. 


Clearly understanding what is really going on below the surface will help you join the dots in your unique situation.


When you see the true picture, you will identify the strategies that will work for you and what order they should be applied. 


 Applying simple and proven strategies that will work for you will:


1.Give you back your life.


2. Give you the confidence to make the choices you want.


3. Give you a robust sense of resilience that will take you into your next chapter. 


4. Give you the ability to be assertive with ease in your communication. 


5. Help you to problem solve quickly and effectively when faced with challenges.


6.Give you hope, a vision for the future and a game plan to take you there.


Say goodbye to chaos, exhaustion and guilt and rise to live your BRAVE life. 


A personal transformation like this improves your:


Work performance.


Job prospects or business opportunities.


Family dynamics and parenting skills.


Ability to develop and maintain quality relationships.


Ability to communicate effectively in all situations.


It improves your overall sense of wellbeing, confidence and outlook on life. 


The BRAVE Transformation Coaching Programme  (12-weeks) 

8 x Digital Modules 

Videos and workbook tasks to be completed at a time that suits you.

6 X Live Group Coaching Sessions. 

Ask questions.

Discuss frustrations.

Get help.

Tweak your new strategies for better outcomes.


I am dedicated to serving you in a real transformation process that creates sustainable outcomes for you and everyone else in your life. 




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Kerry Miles

"I was in a situation I couldn't see a way out of.

Shirley really helped me to find the answer for myself.

Shirley has a beautiful way about her and gave me back control."

Claire Moore

"Before I let myself spiral into panic mode which was always my ‘go to’ reaction when faced with a potentially confronting or difficult situation. I’m calmer now and tend to think more rationally than before."

Kate McKay

"A first-class trainer who actually cares."

"When I heard Shirley speaking at events, I was impressed with her engaging style of delivery and innovative ideas to motivate people.

She has an excellent delivery style, great depth of knowledge and experience and superb interaction with the participants both virtually and in person.

A first-class trainer who is one of the most lively and energetic and
someone who actually cares about the people in the room and wants to help them improve and develop.

From Shirley's training, you will get first-class advice, guidance and a 'friend' for life who will be there to help you at any stage.


Rachel Archibald

"The best thing about working with Shirley is the calming effect - straightening out the jumbled mess of spaghetti junction in my mind and helping me to focus on one thing at a time."

Every lady has great power and potential within. 


You don't have to be perfect to join us, we are real and honest and believe that every one of us is a leader.

We lead by example everywhere we go. If you want to change your world, it all starts with you!

Become the example. Be restored, be transformed, and transition into a confident, influential lady.

Come as you are. 

You are welcome!

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