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As an an ordinary working mum experienced Coach, Therapist, Trainer and Motivational Speaker, I know the benefits of finding a little guidance online and some helpful pep talks from the latest guru. 

We all know however, that the little tips only take us so far.  What if we had support as and when we needed it? Somewhere we can ask questions and get the help, support or a solution right there and then?

Wouldn't that be great and make the search less time consuming! Well with all my experience, my team and my growing community that is  what we have created!

Have a look around the site, glean some information,  and why not join my free group to suss me out! 

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In a life that is turbulent and busy we are stressed about our health, our finances, our children's education, our work and our relationships with partners and family!

Now more than ever we need a mindset that is robust and resilient! We need non-judgemental support and encouragement everyday and somewhere we can access more specific help as and when we need it. For that very reason I would love to invite you to be a part of our  FREE Brave Life Group! 

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Create your perfect parenting strategy

Do your feel frazzled when your young children persist in behaviour when you have told them not to?

Do you feel like your child sometimes has the better of you? 

Do you and your partner have conflicting parenting strategies that cause rows? 

If you are relating to any of this then this is the right masterclass for you! 

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FREE E-Book 7 Steps to ensure your dreams become reality!


Have you ever found yourself trying to achieve something and it all seems to fall through time and time again! This download offers you the opportunity to try again and to succeed. Each of these steps will make your plans rock solid and ensure you follow though!

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Weathering the Turbulence

Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable position? Where your current circumstances have changed and you feel uncertain, where you long for the comfort of what was before and fear the future?

I have weathered this type of turbulence many times before, through circumstances in life and business, through loss and multiple surgeries. I have news for you I have learned to embrace the uncomfortable turbulence each time. It teaches me that it is time to adapt and change! Once I come to terms with the situation and adapt, I find myself in a whole new place, I have matured in my thinking, my emotions are more regulated and my vision becomes sharper than ever. I take my place in the driving seat again and make decisions that I am motivated to deliver! 

Your turbulence is not to be feared but to be stepped into so that you can progress and become a better version of you and work towards a  renewed vision. 


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